Complete Solutions for Businesses and End Users

Complete solutions at all levelsMIKELO provides complete solutions for businesses and end users at all levels.

We provide a range of Internet-related services from web marketing strategies, right through to consulting and training services with continuous maintenance of your running application and hosting or server environment. As opposed to most of our competitors, our service does not stop when we have finished your application. It is our main concern to maintain your application over its entire life cycle.

We work closely with you to tailor a solution to meet your specific needs to ensure you receive maximum revenue out of your activities and efforts.


Individually tailored solutionsIn addition to our Standard Service, which is providing you with individually tailored solutions, we provide you with a selection of additional services from a rich portfolio of possibilities for add-on services. Based on our knowledge and experience we are able to assist you in just about every situation.

Whether it’s a simple provider change, a version upgrade of one of your used products or a faulty installation, we will assist you with our know how. Your needs, vision, and ultimate success, is our priority.

Project Management

If you are planning a bigger and more complex application go-live involving third party providers, MIKELO can assist you in overtaking your Project Management. Based on your needs we provide you with an individually tailored project plan by carefully estimating all efforts (time and material) and ordering all necessary tasks into a meaningful chain of single jobs by showing their dependencies and pre-requirements. During the running project we will give you constant feedback about the progress of your project based on weekly project reports, periodic phone conferences and several pre-defined project meetings that we call „Milestones“. This can be done either on a national or international basis.

Mission Critical Applications

Mission Critical ApplicationsWhen business planning to invest into e-Commerce solutions, such as online booking or ordering systems, you should carefully consider the impact that a severe loss of service of your running online application will have on you and your business. Based on our funded knowledge about High Availability Systems, MIKELO is able to assist you answering the question about which HA Solution – such as classical Hot Standby/Failover, Network Load Balancer or active-active clustered Systems – will best suit your needs. MIKELO is able to predefine and document your application requirements and discuss them with your actual hosting partner. If necessary, we can assist you in finding either a new or an appropriate hosting partner to ensure that your online solution will be available 24 hours a day.